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Is this all legal?

All of our drivers are licensed waste carriers so will legally remove your car. You car will then be taken to an authorised treatment facility (ATF) where your car will be scrapped according to government legislation, from time to time your car may be exported.

What will Happen?

You will need to give us your car, the V5 Log Book and the Keys. The ATF will send to you the certificate of destruction, you then inform the DVLA when it arrives


Once you have been contacted with a quote, you can arrange a collection time that suits your schedule so our turnaround times are generally as long or as short as you make them, we try where possible to do same day collections.

What about my tax?

You can claim your tax back from the DVLA. Visit their website at for more information.

How much can I expect?

Our scrap car collectors will contact you with the best available price for your scrap vehicle based on the make, model, age and condition.

Do you collect non runners?

Yes. We will take cars in any condition including non runners, damaged vehicles, sorn’d vehicles, mot failures, write offs, old vehicles, rusty vehicles, or generally unwanted cars.

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Welcome to Scrap My Car Belfast For Cash
We are rapidly becoming one of the premier car scrappage and car disposal agencies.

Sell Your Old Car

If you have an old unwanted car to get rid of and you were thinking “Where is the best place to scrap my car?” you’re in the right place. We buy all types of old cars paying good rates of cash making the scrappage of your car an easy experience. Just one call to our scrap a car for cash telephone number could get you cash for your old car today.

Money For scrap vehicles

We also buy newer cars that are just unwanted, so if you’re looking for a quick sale then we may be able to help. Call us today to see if we can beat any part exchange offer you may have had. If you fill out the above form, one of our valuators will call you back with a quote for your scrap car. Alternatively call 07856 477 045 and one of our friendly operators will take full details of the scrap vehicle and one of our fully insured valuators, who will tell you how much cash you can get for your car and arrange free collection of your scrap car.